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This feature has been IMPROVED!

Issue key Summary

Added the capability to regenerate plotmaple() images if they were missing from the cache.

These bugs have been FIXED!

Issue key Summary

Resolved an issue where numeric response areas with scientific notation enabled weren't graded and interpreted correctly by the Submission Report page.

MO-9044 Resolved an issue where the presence of an interactive narrative on an activity page would impede a user's ability to highlight and copy content from that page.
MO-9149 Resolved an issue where LTI 1.3 required a claim in Deep Linking requests that isn't mandatory by the standard.
MO-9162 Resolved an issue with wording when creating a calendar event.
MO-9172 Resolved an issue in free body diagram questions where the student instructional banner referred to a button by a different name.
MO-9191 Resolved an issue where creating a Grade Report would show two fields with different functions but the same descriptive label.
MO-9213 Resolved an issue where selecting an answer from a drop-down list containing only square brackets and numbers would cause the answer to be graded incorrectly.