Measurement, Geometry, and Trigonometry

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This content pack includes course modules for students that cover the Pythagorean theorem, measurement of 2D figures and 3D solids, optimization, geometric relationships, triangle trigonometry, angles in standard position, and trigonometric identities. The foundational course material for Measurement, Geometry, and Trigonometry is included as part of the Starter Content Bundle with the Möbius online learning platform. The Starter Bundle allows teachers and instructors to develop highly effective courseware by choosing among the offered Interactive Narratives, videos, and GeoGebra apps to demonstrate basic math concepts, and inline assessment questions give students the ability to self-assess their understanding of the topics learned.

Topics Include:

  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Measurement of 2D figures and 3D solids
  • Optimization
  • Geometric relationships
  • Triangle trigonometry
  • Angles in standard position and trigonometric identities
    • Created by: CEMC

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