Developmental and Intermediate Algebra

Developmental and Intermediate Algebra

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This course is best suited as a Foundations of Mathematics course often taught in post-secondary institutions. It is structured with weekly lectures in mind and covers the four modules of Algebra and Geometry core principles. Practice problems are given after every Lesson to aid students’ learning. This course serves as an excellent prerequisite to first-year college or university-level Algebra and Geometry. Assignments contain algorithmic problems promoting independent work, academic integrity and problem-solving skills in students.

Topics Include:

  • Mathematical Objects: Decimal Numbers, Fractions, Complex Numbers, Polynomials, Radicals, Functions
  • Arithmetic of Decimal Numbers, Fractions, Complex Numbers, Functions, Polynomials (Factoring), Radicals
  • Equations and Inequalities: Linear, Quadratic, Rational, Proportions, Unit Conversions, Radical, Absolute Value
  • Graphical Representation and Applications
    • Created by: Dr. Shubhangi Stalder & Dr. Paul Martin

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