Classical Algebra for Honours Math

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This is is a fist year Algebra course centered on proof, the defining property of Mathematics, thus facilitating transition from high shool math to Honours Mathematics programs. The course provides an introduction to the language of mathematics and proof techniques through a study of the basic algebraic systems of mathematics: the integers, the integers modulo n, the rational numbers, the real numbers, the complex numbers and polynomials.

Topics Include:

  • Language of Mathematics
  • Logical Analysis of Mathematical Statements
  • Proving mathematical Statements
  • Mathematical Induction
  • Sets
  • The Greatest Common Divisor
  • Linear Diophantine Equations
  • Congruence and Modular Arithmetic
  • The RSA Public-Key Encryption Scheme
  • Complex Numbers
  • Polynomials
    • Created by: University of Waterloo Mathematics

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